All HHS students receive music instruction twice a week. The focus of our music program is to foster musical thinking and creative expression in our children. The students interact directly with music via both analytical listening and performing. Our partnership with Carnegie Hall enhances our music program with access to concerts and live performances by artists from different cultures and backgrounds. Our students learn to play the recorder in the classroom and then perform from their seats at a concert at Carneige Hall together with a professional orchestra on stage. Please watch the video below to see the wonderful work done by our music teacher in cooperation with Carnegie Hall. 

Now, our school is expanding our music program and creating a band! In order to do that we need to buy musical instruments, sheet music, and other materials. Help us make this dream a reality for the children at HHS! 

A trombone costs $1,000, a clarinet $600, a flute $400, a drum set $300. We are going to need many instruments and accessories such as reeds, mouthpieces, etc. Please consider donating a whole instrument, or just any amount towards this goal.


Donations are tax-deductible.