Our Mission Statement


Hamilton Heights School, currently a K-5 school, opened its classroom doors in September 2002 as Hamilton Heights Academy, a public school program, started by parents and educators in West Harlem and Washington Heights, within P.S. 28. It began with one Kindergarten class, adding on one additional class per grade, eventually including grades K-4 (2 classes per grade) with the prospect of expanding to K-5. In 2007 Hamilton Heights Academy applied for and was granted full school status and renamed Hamilton Heights School, located on West 153rd Street.
Our mission is to provide an academically rigorous education to a diverse population of students in an atmosphere that is nurturing, supportive, and respectful. We are committed to providing students with the best progressive education based upon effective instructional strategies. We strive to set clear expectations and support for academic achievement. We seek to develop social awareness among our students and to expose them to the broader issues of the surrounding communities. Our students are encouraged to share their knowledge, to question and probe ideas, and to use evidence and acquired information to support their opinions. Our teachers are committed to creating a community of students and families who share a love of learning. We celebrate and learn from the range of backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures that reflect the diversity of our school neighborhood and New York City.

The educational philosophy of HHS emphasizes hands-on learning, multi-disciplinary thematic units and support for children as individuals with varied needs and learning styles. Classrooms are set up to encourage purposeful investigation and active learning. An emphasis is placed on inquiry, critical thinking, and problem solving. HHS follows the New York City Department of Education’s mandated curricula in literacy, mathematics, social studies and science. Teachers supplement this curriculum with carefully planned thematic units integrating literacy, mathematics, social studies, science, and the arts into each day’s work. 

We believe that enrichment is an important component of the curriculum that strives to develop students who are independent, self motivated learners equipped with creative thinking skills.  HHS has a strong music program, in which students learn to play the recorder.  Every Friday there is a school wide Sing-Along that supports and extends the literacy and music instruction that takes place in the classroom.