Hamilton Heights School -- a K to 5 school -- was founded in 2002 by parents looking for a progressive education option in the West Harlem neighborhood of Hamilton Heights. We started out as "Hamilton Heights Academy," a program inside PS 28. We became a fully recognized DOE public school in 2007 shortly after the we moved into our current location on Amsterdam Avenue and West 146th Street in a building shared with PS 153. 

We provide an academically rigorous education to our very diverse population of students using effective instructional strategies based on a progressive education philosophy. Besides our classroom teachers, our staff includes specialists in music, dance, ELL and special ed, a speech therapist and a guidance counselor. Additionally our school partners with outside organizations for visual arts and swimming.

Our school focuses on:

  • a child-centered educational approach where we create the appropriate conditions and opportunities for children to actively and enthusiastically participate in developing their own abilities and identities.

  • hands-on learning: children are encouraged to experience what they learn and we emphasize classrooms activities that foster learning by doing. 

  • a social context for learning. Our children learn cooperatively: they work independently, but they also collaborate on projects in groups and with partners, often across classrooms and grades. We expect children to discuss what they learn with the group. Following the Responsive Classroom approach, each class has a morning meeting where every child is greeted and welcomed for the day. The group activities teach our children to interact with other people with kindness, empathy and respect. 

  • art education: we believe that engaging with the arts plays a fundamental role in the intellectual development of our children. Our students take weekly classes in music, dance and visual arts which are fully integrated in the school curriculum. 

Our school is small (only 2 classes per grade) in order to foster a stronger sense of community that revolves around a shared love of learning. Our school family gets together every Friday morning for the school-wide Sing-Along to celebrate our community.