Students at HHS receive dance instruction twice a week. 

The goal of the Dance Program at HHS is not only to develop young dancers, choreographers and lovers of dance, but also to create an environment where children can use dance to develop awareness and a positive image about their body.  Under the guidance of an experienced, full-time dance teacher,  in our dance classroom children learn a variety of movement styles to express themselves, to work with others through dance and choreography, and to use their body as a vehicle for expression and exploration.

Children are progressively taught to analyze movement, to distinguish between different dance styles, to create their own dance pieces, and to explore and make cultural connections through different dance styles. Dance at HHS is an opportunity for the children to creatively and personally express themselves promoting their physical, social, and emotional development. 

Our 5th graders, take a special class on ballroom dancing, though our partnership with Ballroom Basix. We also enjoy collaborating with other dance organizations in the City, giving us the opportunity to interact with professional dancers and to attend shows throughout the year.